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The most visible mammals are the 5 species of deer. These are mainly Roe and Muntjac, with the occasional Red, Fallow and Chinese Water deer – but they can all hide discretely at times. All are on the increase and can be problematical in new plantings.

Voles and mice are plentiful in the hedges and margins and provide food for the 3 pairs of barn owls. They will also be hunted by stoats, weasels and foxes as well as Kestrels.

Badgers are well established with 6 active setts and can provide close encounters on summer evenings.

Otters are regular but elusive on the river and in the lakes and Brown hares can be seen on the open fields.

The Norfolk Bat group have been very active here with echo-locators and even bat ringing. 13 species have been recorded to date which represents most of the Norfolk bats. The area around the lakes seems to be a feeding corridor and is certainly a local hotspot.

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