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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The diverse habitat of water meadows, field margins, woodland rides, flowery hill sides and riverside vegetation provide ideal conditions for a wide variety of invertebrates.

The farm is host to nearly 900 species of Moths – some very small and a little nondescript, others stunningly beautiful, like the hawkmoths.

A night when the moth light has been running can reveal 150 species or more by the morning: and a wonderful chance to photograph these moths in their natural surroundings. Quite a number are also day flying and can be seen alongside the numerous butterflies that are recorded most years.

Dragonflies and Damselflies can be abundant around the fringes of the lakes where there is plentiful aquatic vegetation and ample areas to perch and bask. These also provide excellent photographic opportunities – although this is best done in the morning before temperatures rise and the insects become very active. Most years about 18 species are seen here.

A walk through the established grasslands and hillsides is always good for a chorus of churring crickets and grasshoppers. These have all benefitted from the land that has been sympathetically managed with numbers and species diversity both increasing.

The diversity here attracts several niche recorders who have found it good for hoverflies and beetles.

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